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    With the best selection of cars you’re looking for. You pick the one you like best, thanks to our advice and car chooser.

    In-car Lessons

    Instructor has a disinfection process in between drives. The car is aired out and wiped down with disinfectant in between students.

    Our response

    All students and instructors are required to wear their mask over both nose and mouth during the entire drive.


    A Different Drive Everyday!

    The school offers the following services for teenage first-time drivers, new adult learners and existing drivers with lapsed licenses.


    It’s easy to schedule your road test online

    Confident Driver

    After schedule, we program a driver in your first class

    Experience Teacher

    All our drivers have experience instruct first-time drivers

    Driving Basics

    All of our cars have dual controls

    Test Preparation

    We prepare you for test

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    Hi, I'm Ana Otero.
    I'm your instructor.

    Live the best experience to learn to drive in New Jersey!

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